Friday, 17 June 2011

More news about international subbuteo

There are many things going on for the moment in the international subbuteo scene. One of the main issues regarding the relations between FISTF and WASPA is that FISTF decided to have a Congress at the next World Cup on July 23 & 24 in Palermon (Italy). One of the points in the agenda is "WASPA and other associations". We hope the FISTF will keep their promises to let players play in both circuits. If it is the case, there might be some positive moves for WASPA as there could be a first WASPA tournament in Italy.

There are also good news from Argentina. The club of Buenos Aires contacted us to give their support. For the moment, there is no tournament yet in the agenda but Argentina and Brazil might become two of the next organizers of subbuteo tournaments under WASPA banner soon.

Who said WASPA sucks? We received a message from a player from Sweden who is thinking about organizing something in his country. In Scandinavia, the game of table hockey is very popular and some table hockey players might organize the first league in Sweden. "If there are players in Norway, Denmark and Finland, there is no reason to have no association in Sweden", reported Lars Löfgren.

We have also received support from clubs in the US and Canada. The small club of Trenton (Ontario) is hoping to host a tournament if they manage to get enough players together.