Thursday, 23 June 2011

The news of the week (1)

Hello everyone, I decided to use the blog to publish news every thursday. When I was in charge in the FISTF Board, I published a newsletter every week. Right now I will change the way to work. News will be published ont he blog but people who want to receive the newsletter by e-mail can leave their e-mail address in the "Follow us by Email" section (in the right colomn of the blog). Feel free to tell your friends to join!

Tournament in Sweden - The big news this week come from Sweden. Lars Löfgren decided to organize a tournament on August 21 in Stockholm. You can contact Lars at and I'm sure those who travel to Stockholm will enjoy the trip. Marcus Tilgner from Germany will be there to play and there are good chances to see some players from Finland as well. Robert Green, an Australian living in Sweden, is likely to take part with an english friend.

More tournaments? - Right now only 2 tournaments have been held int he WASPA circuit and only 10 players are part of the ranking. Hopefully more events will be held soon as 2 clubs from England are interested to host tournaments and we have also had constructive contacts with Malta, Argentina, Ireland, Germany, Finland and South Africa. So hopefully more events will be added in the calendar in the near future.

News from Japan - Our friend Kenzou Koi from Japan wrote us to say the major newspaper Nikkei Shimbun made an interview of himself last week-end and there was some positive feedback. hopefully more players will join the "Subbuteo Japan" group and feel part of our community.

Top 10 nations this week on the blog - We have had more than 4200 visits ont he blog since it was launched. Over the last 7 days, the visitors came in priority from Italy (108), Greece (62), United Kingdom (52), the US (36), Finland (28), Germany (25), Belgium (23), Portugal (23), Singapore (20) and the Netherlands (14).

Handbook - The first WASPA Handbook was made a few weeks ago and since there, there were no improvements. I'm hoping to get more feedback and ideas to improve the Handbook as soon as possible.

Facebook - WASPA has now a page on Facebook. Feel free to join it to get the latest updates on the WASPA circuit.

Ideas - If you have new ideas for the future of WASPA, feel free to send them. WASPA is an associations of players so all suggestions are welcome.

Keep on flicking,