Thursday, 30 June 2011

The news of the week (2)

Hello everybody, just a quick message to keep you updated about the latest WASPA news. We had a great week full of good news and promising developments. Last week we were happy to learn that a tournament would take place in Stockholm, Sweden but more great news came from Scandinavia. It looks indeed that it will be a very international tournament as many foreign players will be there. Marcus Tilgner (Germany) and Robert Green (Australia) had already confirmed they would make the trip but we know that there will be an Italian, a couple of Finns and even David Crémoux, a french player who is living in Sweden for many years who is very excited to start playing again as he was one of the best players in France 20 years ago. This kind of achievements proves WASPA can help the global community of table football/subbuteo fans to grow in numbers. last but not least, Jeremy Bradley from England will more than probably be in Sweden at the time of the tournament so there are great chances he will be able to take part.

Malta is there - I must say that iw as a bit worried about the position of the clubs from Southern Europe when Is tarted the WASPA project. Now that it has been confirmed that there will be a tournament in Malta (and there is interest from Italy and Greece), I feel like we are reaching a growing number of players. The Attard club has already 12 entries for the tournament to be held on July 14, which is a great number.

Singapore, the hot place in Asia - When I was told the club of Leste Aquila would host a tournament in Singapore on August 14, I was very happy. Singapore has been the most active country on the asian scene for the last 10 years and the local organizers are doing a fantastic job. Singapore has now four active clubs and the level of the local players is growing very quickly. Players like Erza Aripin and Christopher Soh have already attended FISTF world cups and players like John Ho and Den Mulia are probably the best players on the continent. As the Singapore association is doing a great job to promote the game, we hope in the near future there will be some clubs in other asian countries, possibly in Malaysia (there is also a club in Hong Kong run by an Italian who lives there for years and there is a very small group of players in Japan, too).

Table hockey - Benoît Racette from Canada is working on a project of "table ice hockey" and he would be happy to hear suggestions from as many subbuteo players as possible. Feel free to contact him at

The future? - Any idea, any tournament request, any question can be sent directly to my e-mail address. It will be a pleasure to answer every message.

Top 10 nations this week on the blog - This week the bigger number of visitors were from Italy, Singapore, Germany, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Finland, Greece, Malta, Portugal and the United States.

Facebook - WASPA has now a page on Facebook and 38 Facebook users have already joined, which helps them to be updated on a daily base.

Keep on flicking,