Sunday, 15 November 2020

Western Sydney 2020 November WASPA tournament

FINALLY! Back in action after a loooong 11 months with no events, firstly due to the closure of our beloved Good Games Bella Vista clubhouse then the outbreak of COVID-19 and the ensuing shutdowns, subbuteo has not been able to be played competitively by the club. But, with the recent relaxation of some of the more stringent social distancing rules, and by moving the tournament to an outdoors venue, November 14 saw the return of Western Sydney Subbuteo's monthly WASPA tournaments.

A few regular faces, including visiting Northern Falcons Steve and Eliot, were joined by Imojjen playing her first games in just over a year, and newcomer Ethan, who has learnt the game at school and, following one Junior Tournament a couple of years ago, played in his first open tournament.

A league format was decided upon, with all 6 players playing each other once. Early games went as could be predicted - Eliot and Steve slotted regularly past Costa and Imojjen respectively, while Adrian dominated Ethan but only managed a single goal. In the second round, Eliot opened his scoring after 20 seconds against a rusty Imojjen, while the other two fixtures ended in hard fought draws, Costa versus Ethan and Steve versus Adrian. Ethan scored his first goal in the next round as Imajjen had a stranded traveling 'keeper moment, while Adrian just did enough against Costa. Meanwhile, Eliot was refinding his touch, defeating Steve, with three of his goals coming in the last couple of minutes of the game. Adrian eased past Imojjen in the penultimate round, as Eliot did with Ethan, while Steve had a much sterner task beating Costa 1-0.

Which left a tantalising final round. Adrian knew he had to beat Eliot to take the title, while Steve was counting on Eliot to win so that he might slot into second place, with Costa an Imojjen battling each other to move from the bottom of the ladder. Costa was victorious by a single goal in his efforts. Adrian capitulated to Eliot, with Eliot giving him no chance to slip past him on the table. Eliot destroyed Adrian 4-0, including some divine goals from tight angles. Which gave Steve the inside running for second place. However, in the day's biggest upset, Ethan showed he had learned a lot from his first 4 senior games and held the FISTF President to a 1-1 draw - much to the delight of both himself and Adrian.

A perfect Spring afternoon made the outdoor venue quite accommodating, with the occasional breath of wind catching the ball, but only to the level of making it a bit of a charming novelty, rather than an annoyance, also keeping the temperatures very pleasant. The play throughout the tournament was, as ever, in great spirits with an excellent time had by all. 

It was good to be back!!!  

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(Report by Adrian Elmer)

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