Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Jos Ceulemans ready for new season

On Monday the Belgian club of SC Flanders gave the start of the newly-born "Challenge WASPA Belgium 2018-2019". This year, all WASPA events held in Belgium will count for a special competition where, in the end of the season, the top 3 clubs with the most total entries will get some special prizes. SC Flanders was holding their 51st WASPA tournament as the beginning of their 6th season under WASPA banner. As always, the Swiss system was used for the 8 players taking part. Jos Ceulemans managed to win another tournament while Frank Lourdon was runner-up and Geert Leys was third. The rest of the standings were as follows:  4. Bart Vandevliet, 5. Philippe Thys, 6. Danny Degreef, 7. Johan Lourdon, 8. Willy Debandt.

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