Sunday, 30 September 2018

Cape Town City Subbuteo Club - September event

Cape Town City Subbuteo held a very lively event on Sunday the 23rd of September, which started with a training event for beginner players.

An hour later 3 ‘events’ started and ran simultaneously; the main tournament consisting of 6 experienced players, a ‘development’ tournament for the beginners, and then a ‘side-show’ involving two 9 year olds who maintained an intense focus on their mini-pitch for almost the entire afternoon!

Games were shorter than normal, consisting of only one half of 15 minutes.

A great time was had by all, and Cape Town City Subbuteo aim to host a similar event each month until the end of the year.

John Fishlock defeated Clinton Gahwiler to claim the title in the main event while Masibulele Ndoro won the beginners tournament.

Besides the tournament, there were some decisions made to make things better in South Africa.
1. There is a newly elected committee. SATFA recently convened its committee for the following 3 year period. The new committee consists of the following members:
Chairman: Clinton Gahwiler (
Vice-Chairman Johannesburg: Clifford Graaff
Vice-Chairman Pretoria: Julian van der Merwe
Media / Facebook site: Jason Kennedy
Procurement: Vikash Ramnath
2. SATFA have for the first time adopted a constitution. At this point it is very basic, but will remain a work in progress as the local committee strives to develop the organization.
3. National Championships: SATFA are also excited to let know that they will be holding their biennial national championships on the 24th of November, to be hosted by the Pretoria Flickers club, in Pretoria. The official announcement of this will be made this coming week with the publication of an event poster.

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