Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Jayden retains the Champions League title

Saturday 8 September 2018, Pretoria, South Africa : 
On a very cold spring day in Pretoria, seven brave souls battled it out for the 2018 Champions League honours following six months of exciting qualification
Highlights of the day :
ROUND 1 : a hard fought 1-0 victory for Bevin Reed over Stanton Nortjie, with Stanton pulling off 3 great saves to limit Bevin's goalscoring. Conway Julie's sublime shot against Julian vd Merwe to force a 1-1 draw.
ROUND 2 : Chessray Jooste recording a resounding 3-1 win over Julian to announce himself as a serious contender on the day.  Stanton taking a 1-0 lead over 2017 defending champion Jayden vd Merwe, whereafter Stanton's
goalkeeping skills were severly tested once again - pulling off no less than 6 massive saves to deny Jayden, but on attempt no 7 Jayden eventually drew level at 1-1. Bevin made to work (once again) for a 1-0 victory over
younger brother Sherwin Reed !
ROUND 3 : The tie of round ending 0-0 between Bevin and Chessray - a very tactical match with both players applying caution. Jayden then stages a late charge for honours as he finds his rhythm with a convincing 4-1 over Julian.
ROUND 4 : Wins for Jayden, Bevin & Chessray ensure that the first place is shared on 7 points - and with no "head to head" to choose from amongst the top 3, the event is forced into a 3-way shootout. Julian records a 1-0 win
over Stanton to secure 4th place overall.
A tense affair played out during the shoot out saga - with Jayden vd Merwe winning both his shoot outs, and in so doing Jayden secured his 16th WASPA title to date, and also prolonged his bragging rights of "Champions League"
holder by another 12 months ! As fate would have it - the Final Standings show the top 3 positions in exactly the same order as 2017 !

Shoot out results :
Bevin Reed 1 -3 Chessray Jooste
Jayden vd Merwe 4 - 3 Bevin Reed (after sudden death)
Chessray Jooste 0 - 2 Jayden vd Merwe

Individual acknowledgements of the day :
GOAL BLITZ : Jayden ended the day as the top scorer !
TOUGH AS NAILS : Stanton for his Round 1 & Round 2 goalkeeping heroics against Bevin & Jayden respectively !
MOMENT OF THE DAY : Chessray Jooste - for scoring the goal of the day, directly from a corner kick !
PLAY OF THE DAY : Bevin Reed for being the only player without conceding on the day !

As always, a big thank you to all who participated to make the day a great success. Thanks goes out to the "Europa League" players for their attendance and support on the day as well !!

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