Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Anas wins Jurong December event

Six players attended the final league session at the JCSC clubhouse, and with the league title still at stake, with Anas and Rudy tied for league points before the start of the session.

A round robin format followed, and it was fate that brought Anas and Rudy to battle it out in the first round of games. It was a very tight match indeed, but it was Anas who managed to edge out his opponent with a 1-0 score.

Although Rudy managed to come out of the following rounds undefeated, Anas managed to win his remaining matches, and crowned the winner of the session, and also the JCSC League 2017!

Results are as follows:
Bolkiah 0 v 1 Nic
Rizal Taib 2 v 0 Ding Heng
Anas 1 v 0 Rudy
Bolkiah 3 v 0 Ding Heng
Rizal Taib 0 v 3 Rudy
Anas 1 v 0 Nic
Bolkiah 0 v 4 Rudy
Ding Heng 0 v 3 Nic
Rizal Taib 0 v 1 Anas
Bolkiah 1 v 5 Anas
Rudy 3 v 1 Ding Heng
Nic 2 v 1 Rizal Taib
Bolkiah 0 v 5 Rizal Taib
Ding Heng 1 v 3 Anas
Rudy 1 v 1 Nic

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