Friday, 11 March 2016

Report of the last three events in Belgium

The club of "Semois SC" hosted their fourth WASPA event in Vresse and this time there was no surprise as Pascal Droeven took the honors (again), beating Renaud Parisel (again) in the final to claim his 4th title. Patrick Vanderliden Marc De Vos and Grégory Berte were the other competitors. There will be another tournament on March 12 in vresse with more new players in the entry list.

The players
Last Friday the Templeuve United players held a WASPA tournament in their premises. It was a good rehearsal for some of the international players taking part in the FISTF Major of Frameries. Hosts were glad to have 8 French players, 4 Greeks, 2 Italians and Paul O'Donovan from California. The tournament was played in Swiss system so that everyone had four games. After three sessions only Kostas Seses and Geoffrey Marain had 9 points. In the decisive game, there was no winner (1-1) and Marain won thanks to a better goal-difference.

Paul o'Donovan with local talent Matthias Averlant
It was a good evening played in a friendly atmosphere and with a much appreciated pizza break.

Top 3 of the evening: Seses, Marain, Stamokostas
The final standings were as follows:
1. Geoffrey Marain (BEL/fmi)
2. Kostas Seses (GRE/ocs)
3. Kostas Stamokostas (GRE/ocs)
4. Spyros Patrinos (GRE/ocs)
5. Vassilis Aggelopoulos (GRE/ocs)
6. Vittorio de Pascale (ITA/fmi)
7. Serge Leroy (FRA/puy)
8. Olivier Bastin (FRA/puy)
9. Giulio Astengo (ITA/fmi)
10. Paul O'Donovan (USA/kiv)
11ea Renald Deloose (BEL/tpv)
11ea Jean-François Balard (FRA/puy)
13. Michaël Dupret (BEL/tou)
14. Vincent Coppenolle (BEL/tpv)
15. Matthias Averlant (BEL/tpv)
16ea Olivier Bodelle (FRA/tpv)
16ea Eddy Beernaert (BEL/fla)
18. Alexandre Marc (FRA/puy)
19. Charly Caillaux (FRA/-)
20. Eric Caillaux (FRA/-)
21. Johanne Balard (FRA/puy)
22. Benjamin Marain (BEL/wad)

The players (Eddy Verstappen missing)
On Monday the SC Flanders players hosted their monthly WASPA event with a good field of 9. Jos Ceulemans took the honors but struggled in his game against Vincent Guyaux to take the tile. Congratulations to Jos!

Top 3 of the evening: Leys, Ceulemans, Guyaux
Final standings:
1. Jos Ceulemans 10
2. Vincent Huyaux 10
3. Eddy Beernaert 7
4. Geert Leys 6
5. Bart Van de Vliet 6
6. Johan Lourdon 4
7. Willy De Bandt 3
8. Bert Feyens 3
9. Eddy Verstappen 0