Sunday, 20 March 2016

Anas takes the champion belt in Singapore

Anas won the tournament
The Jurong Central Subbuteo Club (JCSC) League WASPA for the month of March saw 13 ‘wrestlers’ battling it out for glory in this wrestling-themed tournament. Players were represented by well known wrestlers, and are random drawn into 4 groups, with the top 2 in every group qualifying for the quarterfinals. The quarter and semi finals saw intense matches, and the’final showdown’ was between Rudy a.k.a Mankind and Anas a.k.a The Rock. Anas ‘The Rock’ slammed Rudy ‘Mankind’ with an early goal. With victory almost certain for Anas ‘The Rock’, Rudy ‘Mankind’ managed to score a goal in the dying seconds of the match, bringing it to sudden death extra time. With no goals scored in extra time, a sudden death shootout proceeded. Rudy’s shot was saved, while Anas’ shot found the back of the net. The Rock wins the title! Congrats to the winners!

(Report by the organizers)

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