Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Another great night of Subbuteo in Singapore

TCHA4 WASPA Club Challenge on February 26 attracted 15 players with special guests Emmanuel Miranda  (Hartamas Tigers SC) & Bernard Lim (SG Lions SC) participating in Jurong Central SC 2nd WASPA tournament of the year. The tournament was played in the theme of European Champions League 15/16 where the cup final was between Valencia (Rudy) & Arsenal (Vikas).
An injured Valencia team still had enough firepower to edge the "come back team of the tournament" Arsenal 1-0. Overall all the games were played in good spirit with laughters clouding the tournament atmosphere.

The big final
Prizes were given to the following:-

Cup Semis
Bayern (Noor Haikal)
Astana (Anas Bin Rahamat)

2nd - Arsenal (Vikas)
1st - Valencia (Rudy)

Plates Finalist 
2nd - (Real Madrid) Mohamed Bolkiah
1st - (PSG) Simon

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