Thursday, 31 December 2015

Vito Di Ruggiero wins in Auvelais

Runner-up Pol Serwy and winner Vito Di Ruggiero
This tuesday the second tournament of the "Etoile Sarthoise Val-de-Sambre" had a very good turnout of 12 in Auvelais. Players were divided into four groups (with no seeds) with then 2 more games for places 1 to 12 for every player. In the group of death, Vito Di Ruggiero (SC Charleroi) finished on top after beating Jerôme Heyvaert. Vito later beat Michaël Hallin (SC Temploux) in the semi and Pol Serwy (SC Eugies) in the final. Vincent Coppenolle (Templeuve United) was the other semi-finalist and later won the game for the third place. Vincent Guyaux (Bormla SC) won the games for places 5 to 8.
Vincent Coppenolle and Michaël Hallin

Vincent Guyaux and Dany Timerman

Fabrice Guyaux and André Boltz

Jerôme Heyvaert and Corentin Boltz

Alyssa Guyaux and Matthias Averlant