Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Monthly report of November 2015

Dear all,

Excel file with the November rankings
PDF file of the WASPA Golden Book

like every month, I have sent the WASPA golden book to the people who are in the WASPA mailing list (feel free to ask to be part of it) to give an idea of our activity over the last few weeks. In November 2015, we have had a lot of tournaments and this also means a lot of work to create files and statistics. We had 27 regional tournaments, 4 promotional tournaments (all of them in England) and 3 tournaments with the old rules (all of them in Australia). We are waiting results from a tournament played two weeks ago in Singapore. It will be added in the next ranking.
Action in Melbourne by the "Western Flickers"
We have had 51 players competing in WASPA tournament for the very first time and the big surprise this month was to welcome the first player from Afghanistan. Hussein Bakhshi is currently living in Austria and has been introduced to the game by the members of TFC Wien West. COngratulations for the nice efforts. For the first time we have 41 nations involved in the circuit and the ranking.

Youth in action in Tombelle, Italy
About the ranking, I must apologize for mistakes in the calculation of last month's overall ranking. I forgot to remove one colomn in the Excel file and therefore the ranking was calculated on the basis of 25 months instead of 24. Everything is back to normal but it explains why we had a new record of involved players in the end of October. We have now 1681 players in the ranking and I think this is fantastic.

A good tournament in Vienna, Austria
I am a bit worried about the future of the WASPA circuit because some nations give a huge support while some others seem to have a much reduced activity. I'm happy to see many tournaments played in Australia, Belgium, Singapore, Cyprus, England, Austria, Scotland, the US and South Africa. Some nations like Portugal and Canada haven't organized any WASPA tournament for a very long period and I don't know what we can do to change it. Some nations host tournaments only from times to times but it only reflects the real activity of the game in countries like Hungary, Switzerland, Ireland, Indonesia, Germany, Wales, the Netherlands,... and I'm fine with that. Italy has a huge potential but curiously there were only 2 regional tournaments in Italy in November (one of them was organized by Davide Lazzari with 16 new players). Some nations like France, Spain, Greece, Malta, Japan have a real potential to have more events but how can we convince organizers to host WASPA tournaments? Finally, how can we be more involved in nations such as Argentina, Brasil, Scandinavia (Finland, Norway, Denmark), Gibraltar while there are still a few players there? I just wonder what more WASPA can do to get people interested. We really want to become a "world game" but ho can we achieve that? Your ideas are welcome.

The Dalaware valley Open in the US
Well, back to the game, I can conclude that November was positive with the first tournament of the "Etoile Sarthoise Val-de-Sambre" in Belgium, action again in Indonesia after a break of a few months, a tournament in Swiss system with 20 players in Templeuve, bit action in Gillingham (England) with 5 tournaments being played in one week-end, the visit of Germany's Sven Schilling in Cape Town (later in the same month Justin Fich from England also met Cape Town's organizer Clinton Gahwiler), many great events in Australia, the first tournament of SC München 2014 in Germany,...

Flickers in Indonesia
WASPA would like to congratulate Dario Passadore for becoming the new President of the American Subbuteo Association. We are sure he will do a good job to have better connections between the ASA and both FISTF and WASPA.

Players at the Cape Town tournament in South Africa
Remember the circuit is yours so your ideas to improve the WASPA circuit are more than welcome. Don't hesitate to send your proposals to my e-mail address at vincent.cop@rsca.com

Don't hesitate to ask for WASPA status if you are hosting some events. Remember you only need three (3) players to have the WASPA status. Just send a tournament request to vincent.cop@rsca.com

Please note the blog is updated almost every day at http://waspa-circuit.blogspot.com

The FISTF website is http://www.fistf.com

Have a good week and keep on flicking the plastic.
Yours in sport,

Vincent Coppenolle