Monday, 14 December 2015

Erich Hinkelmann on top in Vienna

Last Friday the club or TFC Wien West was hosting another WASPA tournament in their premises. This time 10 players were present and there was another refugee from Afghanistan being introduced to the game. Farid Basir became the second player of his country to play a tournament. Erich Hinkelmann won his five games to win the trophy while David Busch was runner-up with 12 points. The final ranking of the evening was as follows:
1. Erich Hinkelmann (AUT/TFC Mattersburg)
2. David Busch (AUT/Master Sanremo)
3. Alfred Strommer (AUT/TFC Wien West)
4. Adam Kraus (AUT/TFC Wien West)
5. Marios Strommer (AUT/TFC Wien West)
6. Caspar Heinrich (AUT/TFC Wiener Neustadt)
7. Jonathan Nichtenberger (AUT/TFC Wien West)
8. Thomas Eppensteiner (AUT/TFK Niederösterreich)
9. Paul Rauchenschwandtner (AUT/TFC Wien West)
10. Farid Basir (AFG/TFC Wien West)