Monday, 3 August 2015

Flick Central Cup report

Flick Central Cup organised by Jurong Central SC attracted 16 players. The tournament which  had two foreign players, notably, Sven Schilling,Germany & Chihiro, Japan, graced the event with TFAS president / Flick Central CEO, Tan Kok Wee adding the icing on the cake.

Seeded players were chosen from our Singapore ranking with Rudy, Michael, Tan Kok Wee, Anas & Rizal Tayib heading the top pot while the rest of the players were placed in the open pot.

End of the draw witness tough grouping for majority of seeded players with the most interesting one was group D & group E.

Group A - Anas, Bolkiah & Amin
Group B - Kok Wee, Ezan & Ding Heng
Group C - Rizal Tayib, Fauzi & Hashim
Group D - Michael, Chihiro & Sven Schilling
Group E - Rudy, Nic, Yew Seng & Noor Haikal

Group Stages 
Group stages saw a few upsets with Sven, Ezan and Fauzi beating the seeded players to top their group whilst Nic nudged Future winner, Noor Haikal out of the group stages on goal difference. Rudy & Anas breeze past their group but ended up meeting each other in the Quarter Finals.

Kok Wee was on fire & hammered Rizal Tayib while Michael just edged Nic with a solitary goal.

Rudy and Fauzi won comfortably while Michael had to squeeze a goal past Ezan in extra time. Kok Wee beat Sven on sudden death shoot-out after their game ended in a 1-1 draw.

Michael showed strong resilience to shut out Fauzi scoring prowess with a 1-0 win while Rudy came from behind to clinch a 3-1 win over Kok Wee.

Michael vs Rudy. Contrast playing styles made the final an interesting affair. Both started playing cautiously with limited chances with most of the battle being before the shooting line. As time tricked, Michael was presented with a shot just inside the shooting area however Rudy managed to make a near block flick with his player covering the angle of the ball. Thinking that the chance was defused the crowd was amazed when Michael's shot dipped over the keeper and the ball ended into the top left corner of the goal. Game was on ... Rudy poured forward and tried franticly to get a equaliser with the best chance came when Michael's keeper goal kick dropped nicely for Rudy however the latter wasted the chance when his shot towards an empty goal only hit the post alas the chance was gone. 1-0 the end score and Michael Choong was crown the winner of the event.

Chihiro and Kok Wee
The tournament also marked the last day for club player Chihiro as he would be migrating to Poland. TFAS president presented Chihiro with a framed TFAS jersey with all of our players signing the memorabilia. Chihiro signed off the tournament with smiles with him winning the consolation plates event with Roche chocolates as prize.

We thanked Flick Central & Jurong Central Zone 'D' RC for the prizes and were pleased with the support of flickers who came.

The prizes
Congrats to all the winners & well done to all who contributed to make the event an eventful tournament.

(Report by Rudy Hesty)