Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Bernard Lim wins in Singapore

Bernard Lim wins 2015 National Day Mini tournament WASPA Title at Sports Hub Library, Singapore

(L to R): Rudy Hesty, Irwan Iskandar, Kok Wee Tan, Noor Haikal, Vikas Chandiramani, Nur Hashim, Bernard Lim, Sunil Nanwani, Chandru Chugani, Isaac Lim (child), Anas Rahamat, Luke Lim (child), Michael Choong, Nic Tan, Emmanuel Miranda. [Not in photo: Rizal Taib]
In conjunction with Singapore's Golden Jubilee SG50 National Day, the 2nd edition of the National Day Mini-Tournament took place on 7 Aug 2015 at the Singapore Sports Hub Library.

The 16 players were allocated into 2 groups of 8 players in accordance to the latest July 2015 SG Ranking.  The Swiss format was adopted with 4 rounds of play.  At the end of the 4 rounds, the 1st-placed players of both groups play-off for the Champion/Runner-Up spot; the 2nd-placed players play-off for the Third/Fourth position; while the 3rd-placed players play-off for the 5th/6th position; and so on till the 8th-placed players play-off for 15th/16th position.  This format of play guarantees every player a minimum of 5 games – 4 Swiss games + 1 play-off game. 
Group Stage - Swiss
Group A consisted of Rudy (SGR 3), Michael (SGR 5), Anas (SGR 7), Rizal (SGR 11), Haikal (SGR 13), Emmanuel (SGR21), Irwan (SGR 27), Chandru (SGR 36)
Group B consisted of Bernard (SGR 4), Kok Wee (SGR 6), Vikas (SGR 10), Nic Tan (SGR 12), Isaac (SGR 19), Hashim (SGR 21), Luke (SGR 31) and Sunil (SGR 36).
At the end of 4 rounds of play, the table standings are as follows:

Play-Offs Stage
In the play-off for the Champion/Runner-Up spot, Michael was up against Bernard.  In a closely-fought affair with Michael’s trademark highly famed Italian-style close tight marking, Bernard took a surprise lead that barely lasted 2 minutes.  The game ended 1-1 and went into shots.  In the ensuing shots, Bernard just edged out Michael by a single 1-0 score-line to emerge victorious!!
In the play-off for Third/Fourth position, veteran Kok Wee was up against 1 of Singapore’s up-and-coming young talent – Anas.  However, the veteran proved to be still the master of the talented rookie as Kok Wee ran out 3-0 winners to take Third position!!
In the respective position play-off, below are the full results:
Rudy (5th Position) 3-1 winners over Vikas (6th Position)
Haikal (7th Position) 2-1 winners over Isaac (8th Position)
Emmanuel (9th Position) 3-1 winners over Sunil (10th Position)
Chandru (11th Position) 2-1 winners over Nic (12th Position)
Irwan (13th Position) 1-0 winners over Luke (14th Position)
Rizal (15th Position) 6-1 winners over Hashim (16th Position)
Bernard receiving his Champion prize