Thursday, 26 February 2015

Steve Bennett still on top in the Scottish circuit

Last sunday the third stage of the Scottish circuit took place in Glasgow. There were 17 players taking part including three English players from Yorkshire Phoenix. Players were dropped in four groups and every one had more games for places 1 to 17. Steve Bennett was in another good day, winning his group, then defeating Baver Bari in the semi and winning the final against Tom Burns. England's Brian Daley was the other semi-finalist. This is the first victory for Steve Bennett since the Tayside Kickers club has been renamed "Dundee United TFC". It is also Steve's 19th title in the WASPA circuit.
The final ranking was as follows.
1. Steve Bennett (SCO/Dundee United TFC)
2. Tom Burns (SCO/Glasgow TSA)
3. Brian Daley (ENG/Yorkshire Phoenix)
4. Baver Bari (SCO/Hot Club d'Ecosse)
5. Gareth Christie (SCO/Dundee United TFC)
6. Dave Gladman (SCO/Glasgow TSA)
7. Malcolm Lees (SCO/Hot Club d'Ecosse)
8. Ben Staples (ENG/Yorkshire Phoenix)
9. Greg Dand (SCO/Dundee United TFC)
10. Colin Berry (SCO/Glasgow TSA)
11. Connor Bowden (ENG/Yorkshire Phoenix)
12. Ronnie McKenzie (SCO/Glasgow TSA)
13. Andy Beskaby (SCO/Dundee United TFC)
14. Dave Baxter (SCO/Dundee United TFC)
15. John Halpin (SCO/Glasgow TSA)
16. Craig Thom (SCO/Dundee United TFC)
17. Fraser McKenzie (SCO/Glasgow TSA)