Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Jos Ceulemans is the boss again

Geert Leys, Jos Ceulemans and Alain Flament
9 players attended the monthly tournament of the SC Flanders club in Hofstade-Zemst. Despite a few guys were absent because of the flu, there were some good games. Jos Ceulemans was the usual winner with 12 points at the end of the Swiss ladder while Alain Flament took the second place thanks to a better goal difference and Geert Leys was third.

The final table:
1. Jos Ceulemans (SC Stembert)
2. Alain Flament (SCAF Quévy)
3. Geert Leys (SC Flanders)
4. Eddy Beernaert (SC Flanders)
5. Frank Lannoy (SC Temploux)
6. Eddy Verstappen (SC Flanders)
7. Bert Feyens (SC Flanders)
8. Steven De Greveleer (SC Flanders)
8. Stéphane Lambert (Kent Invicta)