Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Mark Gauci wins the MPM Cup in Malta

The final 4
This tuesday the club of Attard (Malta) organized a very nice Waspa tournament (MPM cup) at FX Dinglub The 12 players competing came from all 4 clubs in Malta (Attard Subbuteo Club, Valletta Lions Subbuteo club, Valletta Subbuteo Club, Bormla Subbuteo Club). The tournament consisted of 4 groups with 3 players in each group. Each player in the group had to play against each other. The two players with most points from each group made it to the quarter finals.

In the end the standings were as follows:
Winner: Mark Gauci, Valletta Lions Club
Runner Up: Jean Carl Tabone, Valletta Subbuteo Club
3rd Place: Josef Camilleri, Bormla Subbuteo Club
4th Place: Victor Lofreda, Bormla Subbuteo Club
Winner: Mark Gauci

Runner-up: Jean Tabone
(Report with the help of Gordon Caruana)