Monday, 3 March 2014

WASPA monthly report file of February 2014

Here is the monthly report of the WASPA circuit (CLICK HERE). Among the important facts of the month, we can mention:
- In February, we had a lot of different tournaments: 25 "regional" tournaments, 1 tournament with the old rules and 2 "promotional" tournament.
- Unfortunately we didn't receive the results of the Hamilton tournament played on February 8.
- We were happy to have the first tournaments in San Francisco, California, in Chicago, Illinois, in Madrid, Spain but also in Parramatta, Australia.
- The tournament in Chicago was the 300th WASPA regional tournament ever.
- Special thanks go to Cyprus with the huge development of the game in Limassol as 23 players attended the last event.
- The tournament in Simi Valley, California was also a FISTF Challenger, which is proving WASPA and FISTF are working together. We are looking forward to have more events under both banners soon.
- We have seen that there are more and more tournaments played under swiss system as it seems it's getting popular among players and organizers.
- Geoffrey Marain won his 20th WASPA title, which is very impressive.
- We have now 1186 players from 32 nations in the ranking!

Improving the WASPA blog: can you let me know which players you would like to be interviewed on the blog? Also, do you think it would help to have a page with the best tournament systems?

Also, I added a page on the WASPA blog called "Project Brazil 2014". If you have pictures of some kits of national football teams (playing the world cup), feel free to drop a line. If you have any other idea of promotion regarding Subbuteo & the football world cup, (for instance setting up a subbuteo tournament under the theme "Brazil 2014" or you are playing subbuteo with the jersey of a national team), let me know by e-mail at

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Again, thanks to all players and organizers for the continued support over the last few months. So much support is a best reason to keep on working for the game!

Yours sincerely,

Vincent Coppenolle