Saturday, 29 March 2014

A long day of subbuteo in Quévy

On saturday the club of Quévy had a small tournament with 9 players from 4 different club taking part. All players played a group with games of 20 minutes so that everyone had 8 games.
Kimberley and Jordan, our youngest players

The final 4 of the day

After the group stage the ranking was as follows: 1. Geoffrey Marain ; 2. Vincent Coppenolle ; 3. Alain Flament ; 4. Sébastien Devreese ; 5. Renald Deloose ; 6. Eddy Beernaert ; 7. Jason Delattre ; 8. Kimberley Devreese ; 9. Jordan Bonte.
Alain and Eddy

Barrages were played between players ranked from places 3 to 6. Alain Flament beat Eddy Beernaert (1-0) while Renald Deloose beat Sébastien Devreese on shots. In the semis, there was no surprise as Vincent coppenolle beat Alain Flament (4-0) and Geoffrey Marain beat Renald Deloose (5-1). The final was close but Geoffrey Marain was as usual the final winner, beating Vincent Coppenolle (2-1) to claim the trophy.
Renald and Sébastien

It was a long day of subbuteo but everyone had a lot of games and a lot of fun. Thanks to the club of Quévy for the great day of subbuteo.
Geoffrey and Vincent after the final

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