Sunday, 13 October 2013

Peter Alegi wins the Michigan Cup

Peter Alegi won the 2013 Michigan Cup, topping a 9-man round robin group. He finished 7-1-0 on 22 points. 15yo Nathan Pate finished 2nd on 16 points, Mike Ewer 3rd on 15 points. A very close tournament resulted in just a 2 point split across 5 further spaces. Brad Hendricks edged out clubmate Shane McNulty from SE Indiana on goal difference for 10 points, Chris Sweetland of Chicago edged Paul Pate on 9 points, and Tim Tumminaro had to settle for 8th with 8 points. First year player Chad Idema won a STcreations66 custom team as a sportsmanship prize. A great time had by all.
(picture by Tim Tuminaro)

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