Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Another victory for Marko Karhunen

TFC Lynx organized once again a WASPA tournament. Unfortunately only Lynx players participated. Tournament was played in Raama Bar in Jyväskylä. It was a great place to play and the tournament was also very well followed by the pub customers. This time again Jani Mustonen and Marko Karhunen reached the final. Marko had a payback time from July WASPA tournament final and won the final clearly three - nil. Biggest surprise this time was Joni Karppanen's win over experienced Wille Hölttä in a group game.

Ranking of the group stage:
Marko Karhunen 15
Jani Mustonen 10
Miku Leppälä 8
Jarkko Lindholm 4
Joni Karppanen 3
Wille Hölttä 2

Places 5-6 shootout only: Wille - Joni 3-2
Places 3-4 shootout only: Miku - Jarkko 4-3
Final: Marko - Jani 3-0

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