Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Monticelli and Cavallo are the winners of the two tournaments in Pescara

The club of Arabona held a tournament in Pescara (Italy) last sunday. There were two different events as two sets of rules were used during the day. The tournament with the old rules attracted six players and Gaetano Monticelli came on top of the group stage with 13 points while Pierpaolo Bucci had 12 points. Fabrizio Di Sipio was 3rd, Salvatore Rapino 4th, Giovanni Favetta 5th and Marco D’Alanno 6th.

The younger players played with the FISTF rules and the tournament was counted as a "promotional event". Maurizio Cavallo won the group of 4 while Lorenzo Chirileison was second, Emanuele Di Francesco third, Nicolò Di Francesco fourth.

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