Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Surprises and good time in Templeuve

10 players attended the monthly tournament organized by the Templeuve United club in Belgium. The tournament took place on monday evening and and there were several players from SC Eugies taking part. After the first round (2 groups of 5), the winners automatically qualified for the semi-finals. In the barrages, Vincent Coppenolle and Stelio Tsangouris qualified after beating Quentin Van Glabeke and Renald Deloose. There was a big surprise in the semi-final when Vincent Coppenolle beat Geoffrey Marain (2-1) while Stelio Tsangouris beat Anthony Lispet. In the final, it was another surprise. Coppenolle scored the first goal and had to admit the pressure from Tsangouris till the end of the game but Stelio didn't manage to equalize. This is Coppenolle's third WASPA title. Logan Adam won the consolation tournament, winning the group stage to Philippe Godart, Cyprien Godart and Olivier Van Glabeke.
The "final 4": Anthony Lispet, Stelio Tsangouris, Vincent Coppenolle and Geoffrey Marain

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