Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Four tournaments in Singapore

The senior players in Singapore have collaborated on a new pilot project to have more flicks in different part of the country in different clubs. The "Flicks SG Tour" philosophy is to have more game play among players, 20 minutes per game, games to end within 4 hrs & no referee. There will be 4 game dates in 3 different venues lined up.  The dates & venues are as follows:
1) July 20 @3-7pm @ Elias SC
2) July 26 @7-11pm @ Leste Aquila SC
3) August 25 @11am-2pm @Woodlands SC
4) September 6 @7-11pm @ Leste Aquila SC
All meetings will be under WASPA banner.
Interested players can contact Rudy Hesty at norrud@singnet.com.sg