Monday, 8 July 2013

Always more subbuteo events

Since the release of the latest monthly report, a few more events have been added.
There will be 2 tournaments in Cyprus. The club of Famagusta TFC will host events in Limassol on July 10 and 24. The first event has been allowed as there was no tournament in June due to the duties of the local organizers who kindly asked to postpone their monthly tournament.
Finland has added a last minute tournament on July 10 in Sysmä. The club of TFC Lynx will organize the event.
Hamilton (Canada) will have their monthly tournament on July 13. Will Peter Sexton win this time? It's difficult to say as the competition is huge over there.
NETFA Teesside will hold another tournament in Thornaby on July 19.
Ireland will have two events on the same day. The city of Gorey will host a "regional" tournament and the first tournament played with the advanced rules.
There will be two more events on July 22: one in Bari (Italy) and one in Templeuve (Belgium).
On July 28,  tournament with the Old Rules will be played in Corridonia (Italy).
The Lincoln Flickers (England) will have their monthly event on July 31. The June event had been postponed in the last minute for valid reasons.
Finally, there is an early announcement for the next tournament in Penrith (Australia). Their next event will take place on September 14.
Good luck to all organizers! Anyone wanting to add any event is welcome to do so by sending an e-mail to