Sunday, 24 February 2013

Uli Selsen (Germania Schwerte) did it gentlemen-like

The first 548-Cup took part at the youth club "Yellowstone" in Bergkamen 's suburb Oberaden on February 24th. The goal of the tournament system is to have five matches on four table for eight players (within four hours). A new name in the winner´s history of WASPA is Uli Selsen (SC Germania Schwerte 76) who managed to win the tournament in a very cool way. He lost no match, but in the group stage he just won only one match. In the semifinal and final he won both games in shoot-outs. Marcel Schulz (Borussia Bergkamen) was the other finalist. The semi-finalists were Daniel Badziung (Borussia Bergkamen) and Thossa Büsing (TSL Dortmund).
left Marcel Schulz, right Uli Selsen