Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Some new good Internet links

In Canada, there is a club under construction in Montreal, Quebec. They started a blog and should have some tournaments as soon as the numbers are growing. Link: http://subbuteomontreal.blogspot.ca/

In Germany, there is a new club called "Sankt Pauli Subbuteo" and this is good fun because Sankt Pauli is also a popular football club over there. Hopefully it will become a strong club in the future. See link at http://www.subbuteostpauli.de/

In England, Manchester TFC is now up and running. The website http://manchestertfc.co.uk/ is just brilliant and deserves a look!

In Switzerland, subbuteo was on TV and there is a direct link to the show at https://www.telebasel.ch/de/tv-archiv/&id=366818937 -> Subbuteo starts at 14.35 with interviews of Trisha Baumeler, Maxwell Gautschi and Leonardo Cavallaro.