Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Some good news from South Africa

WASPA just got some good news from Clifford Graaff in South Africa:
- Randburg Tournament: the third Randburg Tournament and fourth WASPA Tournament in South Africa will be held at Randburg Club on the 26th of October from 19h00. Contact:
- Panorama Club have approached Clifford Graaff for another event before the close of season (our seasons run from January to December). They are EXTREMELY keen on hosting a tournament.
- Another smaller club have also asked Clifford Graaff to host a tournament at their club (Marks Park Rangers) before the end of the season. The chairman and his wife have become very good friends of Cliff as he referees the senior team quite often. Will probably have about 12 players - which will be a small tournament by SA standards.
- The finale will then be the annual SA Open Tournament - busy finalizing dates and venues presently.
- Vikash Ramnath has also great news on a potentially new subbuteo club in Durban. Vik is busy trying to organize this club and possibly the first ever tournament under SATFA in Kwazulu Natal. Clifford Graaff is very excited about this new development and he really try to attend the first tourney if possible.
Subbuteo celebrations in South Africa

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