Sunday, 13 December 2020

South Africa: Tokai Christmas Cup

Mike rues another missed opportunity

Yesterday (Sat 12th Dec) saw only the second event in Cape Town in the strange year that is 2020. Straight from our ‘New Year tournament’ in January, to our Christmas Cup event 11 months later.

It was a small, informal gathering of 4 friends, but so nice to play a few games again! It was also great to welcome Dave back after a year or two of focusing on stadium building.

Mike v Dave 2-0, 2-0
John v Clinton 1-2, 1-1
Mike v John 0-1, 1-1
Clinton v Dave 3-2, 1-1
John v Dave 2-0, 1-0
Mike v Clinton 2-3, 1-1

Dave during the penalty shoot-out

3rd / 4th place play-off:
Mike v Dave 0-0, pens 3-2

John v Clinton 0-1

(Report by Clinton Gahwiler)

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