Wednesday, 26 August 2020

Sankt Pauli players are back in action

Tuesday 11th August saw the first Subbuteo Sankt Pauli WASPA tournament since March. Six regulars battled it out, finally getting to scratch the subbuteo itch after the Covid19 lockdown eased in parts of Germany. 

Simon won the competition thanks to three wins and a scoreless draw with runner-up Sven, who drew with 4th placed Marius to finish 2 points behind the leader. Fred rolled in with the bronze thanks to his win over Marius and two draws with Andre (5th) and Ralf (6th)

Final table

1. Simon Stewart   5-1   10P.
2. Sven Schilling   5-1   8P.
3. Fred Elesbao   1-1   5P.
4. Marius Willhaus   3-4   4P.
5. Andre Lange   0-2   2P.
6. Ralf Offenborn   0-5   2P.

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