Thursday, 27 August 2020

Australia: latest results from Brisbane and Perth

Brisbane players

Things continue to go well for our friends in Brisbane and Perth. The 2 Australian clubs had tournaments played under WASPA banner in August and players had great fun.

In Brisbane, the tournament took place last Sunday. it was a good day and players had talks about the future of the Club. Unfortunately they where just 4 players. Giuseppe Tardiota won the tournament.

Final table (6 games for all)
1. Giuseppe Tardiota 16 pts
2. Gareth Whalley 11
3. Wayne Miller 3
4. Kevin Halliday 2

The Perth tournament had six players competing in a group format. Singapore's Tan Yew Loy was unbeaten and took the honors while Alan Kimber was runner-up.

Final table (5 games for all)
1. Tan Yew Loy 15 points
2. Alan Kimber 12
3. Hugh Best 7
4. Chris Thorn 4
5. Ron Byrne 3
6. Noel Mani 2

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