Sunday, 31 May 2020

Some short news from Italy

Hi everybody, here are some news from Italy!

1. Tournament coming up!
Massimo Balestrieri is sending us some details about a "on-line tournament" taking place from June 20 to 28.
Main Sponsor is Subbuteoland of the international player Saverio Bari (Reggio Emilia).
Registration is free.
Here a Game Page with videos as a quick example:
Here the Rules (English):
Stay Home, Join Us and Play !

For more informations email to (FISTF player ITA1551)

2. WASPA is back in Firenze
The lockdown is slowly coming to an end. A very small tournament with three players took place last Wednesday in Firenze.

Luca pini ended on top of the league format while Marco Bonciani was runner-up and Stefano Barducci took the third place.

We hope things come back to normal soon and more projects will develop in Italy!

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