Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Nico Marks winner in Hoogezand

In the Netherlands, the 5th edition of the "COBEX Top of Holland Tournament" had only 8 players taking part after organizers had to accept five late dropouts. Despite the sad news, it was a fair and enjoyable day with some good games for everyone and with the visit of local reporters from newspaper and television. You can watch the TV coverage at

The final of the tournament was a good game between Nico Marks and Jacob Bijlstra. Both players had won all their games before that so it was supposed to be a close game but in the end, Nico Marks took the honors after winning 2-0. Erwin Smit won the game for the 3th place against Ard Lukassen (3-2).

Good news also came from the fact there will be a national championship in the Netherlands on June 8. The event will take place in IJsselmuiden and details are available from
Registrations are possible till June 1.

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