Monday, 13 February 2017

Jurong Central February gathering

Friday Flicks; Flick Central - Jurong League (2nd session - 10/02/17). 
A healthy turnout with games dragging beyond scheduled time however all players stayed behind till the end to cheer the final games & clear up the venue.
In the end, Rudy won 2-1 against Anas in the Cup event. Bolkiah pulled an upset beating Haikal 1-0 in the Plate final while Rizal Tayib won the consolation final against Ding Heng.

Final Standing
1st Rudy
2nd Anas
3rd Nic
4th Fauzi
5th Bolkiah
6th Noor Haikal
7th Ezan
8th Yew Seng
9th Rizal Taib
10th Ding Heng

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