Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Big success for the old rules in Kallithea

The final

The 2nd Greek Old Subbuteo Tournament (WASPA old rules) was held on Saturday, February 4 and hosted byOSC Kallitheas Flame.

16 players from several different clubs were taking part and in the end, Eugene Plytas (CCT Roma) defeated Serafim Koulosousas (Proteas Athens SC) in the final. Alekos Apatzis and Panos Patistas reached the semi-finals. "We saw some of the old skills like dribbling that we dont see that much nowdays and we are looking forward for our next meeting", commented Panos Panagiotides, our delegate from WASPA Greece.

Congratulations to our Greek friends for their continued efforts to promote all forms of Subbuteo sets of rules!

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