Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Greg Dand wins in Arbroath

The first tournament of the Scottish Circuit was played last sunday in Arbroath. 15 players from three different clubs were taking part and they were dropped in three groups. In the semi-finals, Greg Dand managed to beat Steve Bennett on shots while Gareth Christie defeated Tom Burns. Int he final, Greg Dand took the honors by beating Gareth Christie (1-0). The final ranking of the tournament was as follows.

1. Greg Dand (Tayside Kickers ’91 TFC)
2. Gareth Christie (Tayside Kickers ’91 TFC)
3. Steve Bennett (Tayside Kickers ’91 TFC)
4. Tom Burns (Glasgow TSA)
5. Scott Fleming (Tayside Kickers ’91 TFC)
6. Andy Beskaky (Tayside Kickers ’91 TFC)
7. Rob Conway (Tayside Kickers ’91 TFC)
8. Dave Butler (Glasgow TSA)
9. Martin Campbell (Tayside Kickers ’91 TFC)
10. Dave Gladman (Glasgow TSA)
11. Baver Bari (Hot Club d’Ecosse)
12. David Baxter (Tayside Kickers ’91 TFC)
13. Martin Phee (Glasgow TSA)
14. John Halpin (Glasgow TSA)
15. Craig Thom (Tayside Kickers ’91 TFC)