Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Geoffrey Marain does it again

29th WASPA title for Geoffrey Marain
The school holidays can be the main reasonf or the poor turnout at the latest Templeuve tournament on tuesday with 5 players competing in a group to decide the winner. Geoffrey Marain was the man of the evening, scoring 32 goals in four games to claim the title. Vincent Coppenolle finished second and Michaël Dupret was third. Renald Deloose and Matthias Averlant were the other entries. 81 goals were scored in 10 games so the evening was quite exciting for all. Hopefully there will be more entries at the next tournament as we will have 2 events in Templeuve on November 11: a FISTF in the morning and a WASPA tournament in the afternoon.
Michaël Dupret vs Matthias Averlant