Friday, 4 July 2014

Monthly report of the WASPA circuit

Please note we have had some great improvements with a new total of 1350 players ranked and a new nation and for the first time players from Hungary took part in a WASPA event.

We had many events this months but some results will be added in the next report (the regional event in Malaysia was added in the ranking but a few details need to be improved in the results section. Results from Kansas and from Alba Adriatica, Italy will be added next month).
Picture of the tournament in Vienna (Austria)

Many thanks again to everyone for helping to develop the WASPA circuit. We can now start preparing the new season and hopefully the circuit will remain very active.
Picture of the football world cup teams

If you have ideas how to improve the circuit and/or the results file, feel free to send your feedback.

There will be several WASPA events this summer in many different countries. Don't hesitate to send your tournament requests to

Please keep in mind the news are updated on a very regular base on the blog at

Well done also to FISTF for their new improved website at
There was subbuteo action in Germany as well in June

Have a great week-end and a great summer!