Saturday, 26 July 2014

Geoffrey Marain did it again

A close final
10 players (8 from Belgium and 2 from France) attended the Templeuve tournament held in the premises of the Templeuve United club. There were six local players and four guests from three different clubs (two SC Flanders, SC Eugies, SC Temploux) and there was an open draw to create two groups of five players. After the group stage, Frank Lannoy came on top of his group with more goals scored than Geoffrey Marain. In the semis, Lannoy beat Vincent Coppenolle while Marain beat Renald Deloose. There were many goals in the final and despite Frank Lannoy took an early lead (3-1), Marain won his 27th WASPA title by winning the final 5-4. Behind the top 4, Vincent Guyaux is 5th, Eddy Beernaert 6th, Maxime Hoguet 7th, Olivier Bodelle 8th, Matthias Averlant 9th and Jordan Bonte 10th.

More pics
The french derby: Maxime Hoguet vs Olivier Bodelle

After the final

Eddy Beernaert and Vincent Guyaux