Friday, 16 August 2013

End of the season in Hamilton: another victory for Peter Sexton!

The first year of the Hamilton Subbuteo Club is in the books and thanks to the core and regular group of revolving players. We have many players coming back from a busy summer and some new players starting in September and the club is expecting to be having full 16 man tournaments (and for the regulars it's time to get a pitch and board so the same two don't have to always lug theirs or a collective purchase). We have asked WASPA if we can hold two tournament in our boring months of November & February and have the second tourney in each month count for July & August and it's been granted. We will see if we adopt this. I would also like to propose a Champions tournament as we have enough to run a league within a league, extra games played at tournaments and possibly off days if need be.

As for the tournament, 10 players took part, both quarter-finals went to penalties. Kevin Suffoletta beat Liam Sexton and Brodyn Sexton beat Shaun Burt. Semi-finals results were Peter Sexton beating Kevin and Stephen McNab beating Brodyn. With Peter already cementing the league title, Stephen could have propelled to runner-up over Shaun but the cards weren't in his favour. Peter finished up with another victory.

(report with the help of Peter Sexton)

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