Saturday, 24 August 2013

Coppenolle beat Marain in sudden death in Templeuve

There was a very small turnout of six players in Templeuve this saturday but there were many good games. The group stage was played in normal time (two halves of 15 minutes) and Geoffrey Marain won all his games while Vincent Coppenolle qualified for the final thanks to a better goal-difference to Renald Deloose. In the final, Marain took an early lead and dominated the first half. Coppenolle cut his nail and played a better subbuteo to equalize in the last five minutes. In the sudden death, Coppenolle scored the winning goal after three minutes to win his second consecutive tournament. Pol Verhaghe from SC Temploux won the final for the third place against Renald Deloose (4-3). Maxime Hoguet from France was fifth and Hatim Elmajd, a players who came back in the game after a long break of more than 15 years, finished sixth. He will for sure be a good recruit for the Templeuve United club.

Vincent Coppenolle (winner) and Geoffrey Marain (runner-up)

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