Monday, 31 December 2012

Monthly report (golden book) available

The monthly report with the latest results, rankings and statistics of the WASPA circuit is available now from the download section. We hope you will enjoy the file. December was a great month for WASPA with 15 different tournaments and 129 new players! We have now 472 players from 24 countries involved! We can only thank all those who have made this possible. It is a great feeling to see there are more and more people who believe we can play subbuteo in a fair and friendly spirit! Of course we also hope more nations will be involved in the future and hopefully some nations will be back after some inactive periods. There is a promising future coming up! Hopefully 2013 will be as great as 2012 but we are convinced the circuit will row as we already have many tournaments confirmed for the next few weeks and months, including some tournaments with ETF rules. Thank you and happy new year!

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