Saturday, 22 December 2012

Huge success for the Templeuve tournament

Final of the Serie A: Pierre De Leeuw, Vito Di Ruggiero (referee), Alain Jadot

Final of the Serie C: Maxime Rairoux, Marc Hanbouck (referee), Maxime Hoguet

Finalists of the Serie B: Frank Lannoy & Vincent Coppenolle

WASPA "category B": Margault Delval (first girl), Corentin Bouchez (winner) & Théo Maton (finalist)

WASPA main final: Joffray Laurent vs Geoffrey Marain

WASPA finalists: Geoffrey Marain & Joffray Laurent
40 players attended the Templeuve tournament on December 22. The tournament counted for the national circuit and was divided in 3 sections. Pierre De Leeuw (Charleroi) beat Alain Jadot (Charleroi) in the final of the main category with Jérôme Heyvaert and Vito Di Ruggiero reaching the semis. In the "B section", Frank Lannoy (SC Flanders) beat Vincent Coppenolle (Eugies) by a single goal in the final. In the "Serie C", the young Maxime Rairoux (Eugies) beat the French player Maxime Hoguet (Templeuve United) in the final. In the afternoon, a WASPA tournament was also organized and there was a spectacular entry field of 24 players. The organizers decided to have 2 categories. The mainc ategory was played by 16 players. The two semi-finals were decided on shots with Geoffrey Marain beating Stelio Tsangouris and Joffray Laurent beating Fabian Limpens. In the final, Geoffrey Marain also had to wait the shootout to beat Joffray Laurent. It's already Geoffrey's 8th title under WASPA banner but it was definately the most exciting win! In the other category of the WASPA section, 8 young players competed in 2 groups of four. At the end, Corentin Bouchez (SC Eugies) beat his friend Théo Maton (2-0) to win the trophy. The event had also a U12 tournament won by Théo Maton. It was definately a great day of table football in Templeuve.

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