Saturday, 22 September 2012

Hansel Mallia wins the "Independence Cup"

The final between Angelo Borg and Hansel Mallia (right)

Semi-final between Gordon Caruana and Angelo Borg
There was a lower tournout than expected this friday in Malta where Attard Subbuteo Club organized their 11th tournament counting for the WASPA circuit. Only 6 players showed up but the level of play was higher than in many other tournaments with players such as Mark Gauci, Angelo Borg and Hansel mallia meeting in group 1. Mark Gauci lost to Hansel Mallia and tied with Angelo Borg, which means the number 7 of the FISTF Open ranking was out in the first round. In the semis, Mallia and Borg easily beat Roderick Sciberras (4-1) and Gordon Caruana (4-0). In the final, the game was very close between Mallia and Borg. After a great game (2-2), Mallia final won the title on shots. Mallia, who is 35th in the FISTF Open ranking, was showin up for the very first time in a WASPA tournament. Roderick Sciberras won the 3rd place play-off against Gordon Caruana (2-0).

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