Monday, 24 September 2012

1st DSTFB Starters Cup was a big success

The Subbuteo association of Germany, DSTFB, shares the WASPA-idea to support small tournaments especially for new players. Voila, on September 22nd/23rd in Dortmund (at the birthplace of the german Subbuteo scene) the first Starters Cup in DSTFB-history took place. From this year on, DSTFB want to play at every start of a new season a so called Starters Cup for all new upcoming players. On Saturday it starts only with a warm up. Every participant has the chance to check each other, make friendlys, try the other´s bases, have workshops for shooting, strategy, keeper reactions, ask rules questions... etc. pp 

Frank Hagenkötter from host TSL Dortmund, DSTFB Vice-President Thossa Büsing, U12 World Champion of 2010, Kai Hagenkötter and as special guest the german nationalteam player Leif Banscherus gave a lot of expieriences to the new players. The first day ended up with a nice diner in the evening at a Dortmund restaurant. 

On Sunday, 23rd of September 2012 at 10 pm the first DSTFB-Starters Cup started with eight players. Two players came from Frankfurt, one player from the former German Democratic Republik and the rest from the Ruhrgebiet-aera. Six out of the eight players were already new members in DSTFB. They played in two groups of  four. 

The competitors & the staff

After two semi-finals Uli Euler (BSC Schwalbach) and U19-player Felix Herrmannsdörfer from host club TSL Dortmund managed to play the final after good performances. At halftime-break Euler was already two goals up to Herrmannsdörfer, but the young german striked back in a very impressive way and equalized the match with two fantastic goals. With a lucky punch in the extra-time Uli Euler saved the winner´s trophae. The was the man who score the first and the last goal of the event. Congratulation Uli. 

DSTFB want to say thanks to host Frank Hagenkötter and to all players who took part for great athmosphere and fair play. Follow that spirit.

The finalists

Final table of the tournament

1. Uli Euler (BSC Schwalbach)
2. Felix Herrmannsdörfer (TSL Dortmund 61)
3. Tom Horn (Weimar Wanderers)
4. Michael Hain (TSL Dortmund 61)
5. Marc Reitz (Frankfurt am Main)
6. Thomas Müller (Dortmund)
7. Stan Mulders (Eurofighter Bochum)
8. Pascal Schäfer (TSL Dortmund 61)

(report from DSTFB)

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