Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Mark Gauci wins the "Kingsway Store Cup"

The top 4 players of the tournament: Gordon Caruana (blue shirt), Mark Gauci (white shirt), Mauro Camilleri (black shirt) and George Ebejer (green shirt)

Mr Felix Rizzo, sponsor of the tournament and owner of the Kingsway Store.
Group picture after the presentation of the trophies. Among the present people, the is the mayor of H`Attard Mr Stefan Cordina with checked blue shirt (near Felix rizzo), the Hon Charlo Bonnici member of parlament (green shirt), the Hon Dr Joseph R.Cassar Minister of health and the elderly (sky blue shirt) and standing in the middle the Hon David Agius MP. (biege colour shirt).
Some short news of the tournament held in Attard on monday. 16 players were taking part and there were some good names but also some absent players among the "usual players" as Daniele Spadaro, Darren Bezzina and Simon Gauci were not competing. in the final, Mark Gauci beat George Ebejer (4-1) while Mauro Camilleri made a good WASPA entry by taking the third place. He beat Gordon Caruana in the 3rd place final (3-2).

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