Friday, 24 August 2012

Geoffrey Marain was unstoppable in Templeuve

Group picture (left to right: Stéphane Lambert, Michaël Dupret, Geoffrey marain, Michaël Ponthieux, Samuel Verriest, Maxime Hoguet) 
The finalists: Geoffrey Marain & Vincent Coppenolle

We had good fun tonight in Templeuve. Despite the turnout of 7 was low, there were many good games. Geoffrey Marain beat Vincent Coppenolle in the final (6-2). It's already the 5th victory for Geoffrey who will certainly become the new number 1 in the WASPA ranking soon. Maxime Hoguet drove from his place near St-Omer (France) to play his very first tournament and proved to be a talented player. The final ranking was as follows:
1. Geoffrey Marain
2. Vincent Coppenolle
3. Michael Ponthieux
4. Stéphane Lambert
5. Michaël Dupret
6. Maxime Hoguet (France)
7. Samuel Verriest
More tournaments will be played in Templeuve for sure!