Monday, 4 June 2012

WASPA goes back to South Africa

There are gret news coming up from South Africa as Clifford Graaf just confirmed the second tournament in the country will be held on June 8.

Despite Clifford's long absence dur to his work commitments, there was still some interest from South Africa. Clifford was contacted by Randburg Sports Club to host a Subbuteo Tournament at their club this Friday evening (8 June 2012). Randburg Sports Club hosted Honduras at the recent World Cup Finals in South Africa in 2010. Clifford and his friends are expecting a good turnout and will be sending a lot of photos through to WASPA. The main aim is to start a new Subbuteo club at Randburg after the conclusion of this tournament and hence spread Subbuteo to a whole new audience. Randburg Sports Club is one of the biggest amateur sports clubs in South Africa and field teams from Under 6 to Veterans (over 35) every week. The Chairman is also an ex-football professional who used to play Subbuteo many years ago, so Clifford would like to get a photo of him playing our great game.

Good luck to Clifford for setting up the event and hopefully many players will have a great time :)

Contact: Clifford Graaff at

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